Are You At A Crossroads?

Every owner who hires us has an equation they want solved. A lot of times they are at a crossroads as it equates to growth. They're at $50M in revenue but want to be $100M, and they ask us how to get there. In most cases they need to make wholesale changes to their business.

Another option that we typically find is that a lot of companies run their business with the low hanging fruit that they find. But this strategy only allows you to grow to a certain degree. To get beyond that you need to have an outbound sales strategy, something many of our clients don't have because they've picked off of all the low hanging fruit to get them to a certain level. Now they want to keep going. At this stage, we recommend investing in the time and strategy to build that outbound sales strategy.

There is also a crossroads when you're scaling down and you need to reinvent your thinking. In many cases the answer at this crossroads is the same - new people and processes - but it's for a different reason because you can't grow anymore.

Another issue a lot of clients deal with is specialization and clarity. It's easy for people to wear a lot of hats and chip in and never say no to the next thing that needs to be done in business until you get to a certain level, and then what you generally find is that you need to specialize. When everyone starts specializing, you break the process of delivering your product or service that you are delivering down to its core and you're able to do more of it.

So often times to scale the business at a crossroads, you need to invest in a new and better management team, and invest in different processes to get you to the next level.