Consumer Products Company

Situation Analysis:

An heir to the founder who was not engaged in the business inherited 80%. The then-current CEO owned the other 20%. Although the owner was not involved in the business, his vantage point gave him cause for concern about how the business was being run. He wanted an independent assessment of the business and help in deciding the best strategic path.

Our Assessment Revealed:

  • The company was run by the former head of sales and was a collection of silos
  • Performance was very erratic and any revenue was good revenue
  • Operating margins were very low compared to industry standards
  • No planning or financial forecasting

The JKMA Process:

  • Created a robust planning process and a PLAN
  • Replaced the CEO, restructured the management team and added strength to finance
  • Tightened the growth story and better defined the target market

The Results:

  • The CEO built a great management team and generated vastly improved performance and morale
  • Quarterly meetings with client to track performance to PLAN
  • The company will likely sell within the next few years at a significant increase (15X) in value compared to when we started