Consumer Products Company

Situation Analysis:

The company prospered in a competitive industry by being a low cost producer, rehabilitating cast-away brands and maintaining solid entry level points. It was not, however, able to achieve the economies of scale and operating leverage other competitors experienced.

Our Assessment Revealed:

  • The company had no succession plan
  • Management team was not complete
  • Finance staff was weak
  • Growth story was not well-defined
  • No forecasting or planning

The JKMA Process:

  • Restructured the management team
  • Re-positioned several of the company‚Äôs business units with new growth stories based on innovative products sold in new markets
  • Stabilized the finance team
  • Created aggressive, but achievable financial projections

The Results:

  • Management team improved
  • Operating leverage increased because the new growth story caused sales to increase nicely
  • Performance improved and morale increased
  • The company achieved a successful sale