Healthcare Company

Situation Analysis:

The owners of an extremely successful healthcare business disagreed on how fast to grow, which created a need to review strategic options.

Our Assessment Revealed:

  • Solid brand name and 30+ year history
  • Good business model and track record
  • Good professional management team
  • Solid growth performance, but low margins
  • The company was focused on more segments than its competitors
  • While they had a regular forecasting process, they rarely made budget

The JKMA Process:

  • Reaffirmed that a sale of the business was the best option to achieve their individual risk preferences and financial objectives
  • Developed a break up strategy for the sale process to unlock value and maximize the sale proceeds
  • Organized a segment analysis to highlight the sale process
  • Created a multi-year growth plan for each segment
  • “Seasoned” each segment’s growth plan
  • Expanded the financial staff to prepare for the transaction

The Results:

Successfully sold all four segments over 4 to 5 years and the owners achieved their individual personal and financial objectives.