Do You Care About Your Market Value?

Almost all of our clients are in one stage or another of getting ready for sale or accelerated growth.  The work that we do to determine the best way to grow and the best way to get ready for sale is the same. It all boils down to asking these questions.

How good is your management team? How good is your strategy for growth? How good is your execution, which ties back to the management team. How good are your numbers? How good are your growth initiatives? Do you spend money in the right places or do you waste money in places that in hindsight you wish you hadn't spent?

All of those combine to show the growth story and what you're selling to the world. Or in the case of those companies that are growing that aren't interested in selling it's the same logic: if you don't care about the market value of your company you're probably not making the decisions that you should make in order to advance the business to compete with your competitors.

Why? Because your competitors care about the market value of their business. And if they care, you should care because you're competing with them. So even when you're not thinking of selling at all, caring about how to increase the market value of your company makes a lot of sense.