Owner Objectives

The first step when starting with a new client is to understand exactly what their objectives are. Do they want to run the business forever? Do they want to pass the business to their kids? Would they like to be owner and not CEO and let someone else run the business? How much risk do they want to take at this stage in the company's life cycle? These are all factors that impact owners' objectives.

Some owners as we start to define and talk about these issues start to crystallize their thinking as to what makes the most sense for them. For example, we have owners that have no intention of selling; they want to pass the business to their charitable trust or to their children. We have owners who want to sell quickly and they have a life event where they see something down the road in their business where they don't want to own it anymore.

We have owners who want to own the business for a few more years and capture some value event for themselves before they sell to buyers. We also work with owners who are on an accelerated growth plan and need capital to fund that growth plan.

Helping owners assess the right circumstance for them and prepare themselves for these different objectives is what we do.