Planning Process
Plan and Develop Your Optimal Growth Story

We define and analyze the realistic and relevant options for your optimal growth story as part of our typical planning process. Since your company’s growth story is unique, part of the typical planning process will be determining the right mix of the quantitative and qualitative outlined below:

  • Meet with you (and other owners) to help define your personal and financial goals, risk appetite and your view of the best strategy option
  • Meet individually with the senior management team to gauge its depth and quality and understand their view of the growth strategy options and roadblocks
  • Attend management meetings to better understand your company’s culture, rhythm and language, including how you manage the business
  • Analyze industry trends and adjust your growth story to reflect the best opportunities available in the market
  • Examine the company’s current governance, reporting, IT and communication structures
  • Analyze and poke holes in the company’s financial profile, operating dynamics and competitive positioning
  • Look for opportunities to streamline costs, create new or modify existing revenue streams, increase cash flow/value drivers and/or reduce financial risk
  • Analyze your company against the value drivers
  • Craft the growth story combining the qualitative and quantitative components discussed above that meets your objectives and risk preferences, connecting to your financial model
  • Distill all these inputs into a financial model that includes three plus years of financial projections