Long Term Strategic Direction
Expert Guidance and Navigation

Long-term strategic direction is the alignment of your personal objectives and risk tolerances with the realistic strategic alternatives for your business. We help you define the optimal growth story for your business, consistent with the amount of business and financial risk you will tolerate, and align it with your goals for the business and your life. We layer in the relevant and realistic strategic alternatives or opportunities available to the business and you. The result is the optimal long-term strategic direction.

Long-term strategic direction alternatives include:

  • Sell control to strategic or PEG (Private Equity Group) buyers for liquidity and/or to fund growth
  • Sell a minority equity stake to fund liquidity and/or growth
  • Use minority equity, debt, ESOP and/or existing cash to achieve liquidity to fund a recapitalization of:
    • Dividends for all shareholders
    • Stock buy back from all shareholders
    • Stock buy back from certain shareholders
  • Accelerate the optimal growth story using the same or new growth strategy options
  • Hire a professional management team and just be owners
  • Pass the business to the next generation
  • Go public

Risk adjusted return is the expected return of a given growth strategy option relative to the risk of successfully executing it. We strongly believe in the importance of calibrating your realistic growth story and long-term strategic direction alternatives, always keeping in mind the appropriate return for your risk appetite.