Pre Transaction Planning
Foresight from the Buyer’s Perspective

Our pre-transaction planning identifies the positive and negatives aspects of your company. We’ll fix the negative and accentuate the positive to increase cash flow and market value. By taking a look at your numbers, operational procedures and internal structure from our outsider perspective, we’ll provide a straightforward, objective point of view that actively encourages our clients to get past the blinders that oft times prevent them from achieving their capital goals. In other words, we think like a buyer, not a business owner.

We focus on better defining and articulating your company’s optimal growth opportunities and make sure the financial foundation, senior management team and competitive positioning are rock solid. Proper planning and preparation is essential for a successful transaction outcome because most processes are long, arduous and invasive. Our process acts as a dress rehearsal for the world of capital, should you travel there for M&A, liquidity or growth capital. We’ll use our network to work with you to build your best transaction team based on your end goals. We act as your quarterback and advocate throughout the entire transaction process.