I started working with Murph in 2007, successfully closing on our first deal in mid 2012. Murph played a strategic role formulating, assessing and completing our project. With a wealth of information, the perfect person to have on your side, assisting in all phases of a company’s life. He has become a dear friend and confidante.

Rick Katz
ModernHealth Holdings, Inc.

I love the model and the idea that a few former high end investment bankers from lots of different perspectives really understand how buyers look at a business and what drives value.

Robert Strauss
Weinstock Manion

JKMurphy Advisors helped our company realize a great outcome. Murph brought a real practical, level-headed approach to helping us prepare and sell the company. He pushed us to prepare and take the steps necessary to accomplish our goals, and never let us lose sight of the objective. And because we were prepared, this critical, once in a lifetime process went very smoothly. We achieved 45% more than we expected when we engaged Murph and had a lot of fun along the way.

Jeff Lyall
RW Lyall